panty liners 

Blümchen® offers various panty liners and pads made of organic cotton with waterproof membrane. We offer 3 sizes each: Size S as ultra-thin panty liner, size M as a normal sanitary napkin, size L as a highly absorbent night sanitary pad.

In addition to the classic organic cotton pads, we also offer pads made from functional fabrics. Our butterfly pads, which offer extra protection and comfort thanks to the wide back section, are made from silky-soft bamboo velour with a highly absorbent hemp microfiber core.

Blümchen® panty liner bags

In addition to the pads and panty liners, we also offer the matching panty liner bag for on the go and the large wet bags for storage at home.

Blümchen® nursing pads

Blümchen offers waterproof nursing pads made of organic cotton. These are thin and inconspicuous and offer perfect protection against leaking. They are available in 6 pieces (3 pairs).