Already in the pregnancy with my son I had the dream to wrap him with washable natural diapers. On the one hand because I imagined the disposable diapers to be terrible on the skin and on the other hand because I was dreading the mountains of rubbish. But this project was not easy to implement. With the two shops, which dealt with cloth diapers, it was already clear after a short discussion with the saleswoman that no reliable information or tips were to be got here. At the same time I was unsure whether me and my baby would be happy with the system at all. Due to the high costs I had to face a big risk. Luckily I got used diapers to try out from a friend and so I became a real fan of natural diaper systems.

Once convinced of the cloth diapers, I began to experiment with various types. The opinions of other mothers were also important to me. In the end I came to the conclusion that there is no ideal diaper. Rather, there are different needs, separated by time of day, babies, mothers and developmental stage. So the desire grew in me to offer all mothers who are at least thinking about using cloth diapers a chance to find out if and which system is right for her.

After 6 years of experience in retailing and consulting, the desire grew to be able to offer a cloth diaper according to my ideas. It all started with the Blümchen one-size pocket diaper. But soon I wanted to implement all the other ideas as well. So followed the Blümchen all-in-one, the Blümchen bamboo nappy for heavy wetters and for night use, and of course our Blümchen 2in1 model with the Blümchen one size covers and the organic cotton line.

This all sounds very confusing for you, but I will introduce all my systems again - and explain why this diversity is so important!


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