training pants

Blümchen® bamboo trainer pants

Potty training now very easy! Our Tainer pants fit most toddlers of about 13-20kg (3-5 years), as you can adjust the length and width of the pants. The panty sits very slim and is invisible under the clothes. It is very easy to push up and down and offers a great wearing comfort. Inside it is equipped with a soft bamboo terrycloth that feels wet but never sticks to the skin. The microfibre core integrated inside reliably absorbs moisture and remains permanently soft and airy.

ATTENTION: Training pants are no diapers! The absorbency is limited and only designed to absorb small amounts of moisture when the child is still too slow to reach the toilet in time. As long as the child does not articulate that it must go to the toilet, these trousers are unsuitable.

What these pants can do:

  • OneSize (3-5 years) - snaps to shorten the trousers - 3 adjustment options
  • Snaps for quick change and width adjustment (3 rows of snaps on each side)
  • soft bamboo terrycloth surface inside
  • silky soft, breathable waterproof membrane
  • sewn-in microfibre core for particularly soft wearing comfort (invisible)
  • sweet designs, matching snaps


Bamboo terry: 90% viscose from bamboo, 10% polyester carrier material
Absorbent core: invisible under bamboo 100% polyester microfiber terry
Waterproof membrane: PUL (polyurethane coated polyester)

Washing: at 40°C, powder detergent, no bleaching, no optical brighteners, no sharp stain removers.

Blümchen® Pull-Up Pant - swim diaper and trainer

Pull-up pant made of PUL with a soft lining of polyester mesh, which does not get soaked and keeps the diaper light in the water. The lining gives a good feeling on the skin and reliably catches small accidents (bowel movements). Elastic cuffs on the legs and waistband provide a good closure, 2 snaps on each side for easy change of diaper and also provide an option for width adjustment (3-fold).
Snaps on the front allow for size adjustment in length. New are elastic side panels for effortless pulling up the diaper, making the pants ideal as a trainer. For this case, place soaker pads (not included) in the pocket of the diaper. We recommend the Twill or the cuddly soaker pads, because they are particularly thin.

Material: 100% polyester (outer membrane with polyuretan laminate)
Care: Please rinse the diaper in clean water after bathing to wash out the chlorine from the pool. Wash the diaper in the washing machine at maximum 40°C.